Freelance Inventory Clerk

As an inventory clerk you will be expected to travel all over London via public transport and compile detailed reports on the conditions of properties. What we do as a company is of the utmost importance as ultimately what we say in reports can affect the livelihoods’ of the parties involved.

You must have:

• English GCSE C or above;
• Good spoken and written English
• Access to a PC with MS Word
• Use of a digital camera
• Proficient computer skills – knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
• The ability to multi-task and work well under pressure with a ‘can do’ approach

Your availability can be flexible, this role can be part time or full time though you need to be able to cover 12 assignments per week minimum.

You will receive a percentage commission from each report’s the highest earners can take home £2500 per month (average of £40 per assignment)

In order to ensure that all of our inventory clerks meet the high standards that we expect they must complete the Howard Inventories Professional Standards Guidance Programme which is charged at a nominal fee of £150 + vat

To apply please send a CV and cover letter detailing why you would be suitable for the role.

Apply to

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