Assistant Support Worker

Look Ahead provides a wide range of specialist care, support and accommodation services to over 8,000 people every year across London and the South East.

We work with local authorities and health trusts to support individuals with a variety of needs including mental health, homelessness and learning and physical disabilities, We also work with young people, teenage parents and those with experiences of offending and substance misuse.

This innovative service will provide a new approach and opportunity for those that have a mental health needs and have had links to the criminal justice system. Focusing on the principles of recover and relational security this 24-hour service will deliver a programme of support and risk management that focuses on personal goals and the attainment of the skills necessary to successfully live independently.

As a result Look Ahead is looking for experienced, dedicated people with the interpersonal skills and ‘can do’ mindset necessary to form the team that will realise this flagship service.

Assistant Support Workers will form an integral part of the team, providing 24-hour ‘core support’ through sleep-in arrangements they will support responses to emerging needs and lead on site-based activities and support.

Key Responsibilities:

 If a need arises, deliver all aspects of support to enable a customer to develop independent living skills as appropriate to the individual needs of the customer. In some services, this will include delivering personal and physical care as appropriate.

 Support customers to undertake all domestic tasks wherever possible, including practical assistance where they have not yet developed the skills, to ensure customers enjoy a high quality of accommodation.

 Participate in the support planning and risk management, as facilitated by the lead Support Worker.

 Enable customers to make full use of community facilities by providing support as directed.

 Carry out support duties to enable customers to integrate into the community including eg accompanying the customer to attend benefit agency appointments and meetings, go shopping, to enquire at colleges about possible courses, to visit various public amenities.

 Report any observations relating to customers welfare.

• Adhere to all the policies and procedures of Look Ahead Housing & Care plus those specific to the project including any statutory requirements

Please refer to the Job Description for full details.


Contact Look Ahead sending your CV:

Tel: 0207 937 1166
Fax: 0207 937 8040

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